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Most parents lose their night’s sleep as their kids enter tweens and teens while many employers have to face big losses due to cheating employees, do you get suspicious seeing your children chatting with their friends all the time, if you feel that they could be going to places and meeting people you would not approve or do you have a hunch that your employees could be leaking your million-dollar product idea to your rivals or could be wasting office resources behind your back, well you’re not the only one facing these problems 39 percent teens have sent their nudes pictures on social media and 40 percent of teens lied to their parents about their whereabouts 27 percent of companies have fired employees for misusing official mail and 29 percent office thefts, but don’t worry xnspy can help you so that you don’t experience something like this happening to you ever.

Xnspy is the most advanced cell phone spy software that lets you monitor any iPhone iPad Android smartphone and tablet, secretly tracking their phones and tablets is actually a great way to know almost everything about their habits activities and whereabouts all you need to do is buy xnspy and install it in their device only once don’t worry xnspy cost only $8.33 a month it’s so affordable that it’s cheaper than your morning cup of coffee, xnspy will hide in the target device and secretly record phone logs emails IM chats photos and videos current location and location history and that’s not all xnspy also lets you get instant alerts on suspicious words and contacts remotely white phone data and lock phone in case of theft or damage, geofencing alerts when they visit dangerous places, but how do you do that xnspy will upload all this data on your online CP which you can log into from your own PC or laptop 24/7 no matter if you’re out of town in a meeting or on the move you can check on your kids or employees whereabouts and what they’re doing with just a few clicks.

A 100,000 plus customers happily love us for effortless parental and employee monitoring but just in case you buy xnspy and don’t like it we’ll give your money back buy xnspy now and experience the magic of safe and easy mobile monitoring.

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In today’s world technology is making our day to day life lot more easier nowadays this smartphone has become so common that even a nine-year-old kid have that and in recent times there have been a drastic increase in social media websites and dating websites which leads to lots of cases of child abuse and child molestation cyber predators are always ready to get their dirty claws on kids because they can be easily targeted and now the time has changed and kids have the access to lots of information which could be really harmful so to tackle these kind of situations, xnspy as the name suggests is an app through which you can spy now first let’s understand how does it work and why do we really need it.

Xnspy is basically an app which can be used to monitor your kids activities and even you can also use it to monitor your employees now as you may know there are some employees which need to be washed over a little bit more carefully this app is basically designed for parents who think that their children’s need to be controlled and for business purposes to protect the valuable data which we get leak through the employees, now let’s take a quick look over some main features of this app by using this app you can monitor
calls SMS emails internet browsing history calendar entries and even phone book from the monitored user.

This app can also ensure that the data is stored on kids and employees device is safe in case a device is lost or stolen xnspy app spiked and remotely wipe stored data on the device which is really great you can also keep track of instant messenger activities from whatsapp viber and Skype this app is available for Android (xnspy android) as well as iOS |(xnspy iphone) users and installation is just like any other app, first you need to download xnspy and install xnspy tracker app on the device which you want to monitor and then you can activate it using your unique activation code this app will be hidden so that your employee or kid will not come to know about this app. When you buy this app, open it and log into your account that’s it now you can easily spy on anyone by just using your smartphone or you can also do it by using your PC it’s as simple as that now spying on someone could be very costly and you may not afford that due to high cost packages but with xnspy super affordable packages which comes with three different payment plans monthly, quarterly and yearly and with that you can save lots of money for example if you buy fully your subscription then your monthly effective payment will be eight point three three US dollars ($8.33) for the basic and you have to pay twelve point four nine US dollars ($12.49) for the premium version which i think is a good value for your money.

xnspy for android and xnspy for iphone is a software monitoring app mean if you are an owner of a company and you’ve given your employees phones you can monitor them and make sure they’re being as productive as possible along with not misusing the phone the software can also be used by schools which offer their students iPads to study along with parents who just want to monitor their children so getting started you do have to download xnspy app on the phone you want to monitor this works with Android and iOS so this shouldn’t be an issue you can also hide that if you desire so the person does not know that they’re being monitored.

After you’ve downloaded the app and purchase the software let’s see what you can do, so logging in you’ll be greeted with the dashboard which will show you common things like the location and a call and text graph below that there’s phone logs which can give you more information about the incoming and outgoing calls text and even can show you your contacts inside the category of phone logs you can also see the internet history and a calendar below that it gives you more information about the text messages and allows you to choose between different platforms like Skype whatsapp viber kik and even Facebook you can also see the installed app and location as I said previously from the category below, another simple but useful thing the software offers is that you can see the latest photos and videos stored on the phone if you have a drill broken device you can record phone calls and even control the phone wirelessly switching to Android you’ll get all these features plus the phone call record and the controlling of the phone but you will also get other features like locking the phone taking the screen shot and some other cool stuff so overall this app can do so much for only the price of $8.33 monthly.

Now honestly speaking I’m pretty sure that there’s some parents or even owners of companies out there that want to monitor their surroundings, I believe this xnspy is the best app for them. With this xnspy review, you now understand how this app works.

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